Welcome to my Page o' Programs.

These are just various programs I've written over the years, some in Basic, some in Visual Basic 3. Nothing too great, but fun and occasionally useful.

Mineral ID Program (10.7kb) - In an old Rocks and Minerals book, I found a handy guide for on-the-spot mineral identification. It was pretty easy to convert it over to a computer program, and seems to work well.
Purity Test (43.3kb) - My very own purity test, developed after years of intensive (and fun) research. There's a total of 970 questions divided into 5 categories - Playthings, Partners, Places, Perversions, and Potpourri. There's a scorekeeper program that tracks up to 10 people, so you can see how you compare to others as well.
Poetry (29.8kb) - Daryl's Wondrous Poetry Program. An assortment of poetry helper programs, including Fill-It-In, Randomizer, and Vogon Poetry. You can also add words/phrases, and print out the good stuff. A VERY nice program.
Warning Signs of Domestic Abuse (11.3kb) - A checklist of warning signs of domestic abuse. Answer the questions Never, Sometimes, Often, or Frequently, and it will let you know how much at risk you are.
Telenum (5kb) - My Telephone Number Anagrammer program. Type in the 7 digit number, and it will list all the possible letter combinations.
Spelunk (6.3kb) - Daryl's Cavern Creator. Just a random cavern tunnel/room creator for various RPG things. Very useful, if you need something like this.
DCrypt (6.8kb) - A fun little cryptoquote helper I wrote for my mother. You type in and save the puzzles, then go in and try to crack them. It replaces all the letters at once, and you can "erase" them and start over.
DLSG (286kb) - Daryl's Little Sex Game. Board game style, 3 levels of play, sound controls...
WAV Pack 1 (906kb)
WAV Pack 2 (647kb)
DQuick (13.3kb) - Daryl's Quickie Game. A very fast, very easy sex game. Roll the dice.
VBRun300.dll - You need this to run my programs.