The Poetry Corner

Yes, I'm actually a poet.

A poet of the "inspirational" school, where I can't write anything unless I'm
sufficiently moved. I'll probably never become famous this way, but I'm not
doing it for fame. I'm doing it because I *like* doing it.

And just what IS a poem, you ask?
(You might as well, since I'm going to tell you anyway.)

In my opinion, a poem is words woven together in such a way that
the reader of your words empathizes with you--they feel what you
were feeling, see what you were seeing, know exactly how it felt
to be you at that moment.

That said, here's some of mine. Hopefully they live up to my own
definition of poetry, but if not, I still like them.

I hope you enjoy them as well.

the beach
all I am
graveyard god
Alicia - a Triptych
small talk
before dawn
basic math
The Wreck of the Glasgow
Karaoke Night at the Elkhorn
Tate's Antique Shop