all I am
all I am

                    long ago, in moonlight,
                    you, a goddess; i, a slave,
                    found love in darkness

the nights of light wine and lakeshores,
of cigarettes and tears...

when you were Kali, the beautiful darkness,
when you were a child, crying in pain,
when you were a friend, a lover, a dream

when i was nothing
but one man who loved you...

in those nights,
every second stolen from others,
we lived


those nights are gone
ten years in the past


our nights are spent in our bed, in our house,
with our beautiful daughters,
                    a princess, a goddess,
who want nothing more from life
than to snuggle up against you and dream

you are their mother, their Goddess
the warm, safe arms that hold them tight
the one who sings, who smiles, who laughs...

you are theirs now

and i am nothing
but one man who loves you

@ 2000
Daryl Hrdlicka