Alicia - a Triptych
A Triptych

1. At T.J.'s

she moves through the crowded glances
with her wildflower eyes   and
tornado-blonde hair
          a color found only in daydreams
they watch her   hate her   want her
men wonder
what she would taste like, feel like
wrapped around them
want snow white to die

2. At the Elkhorn Inn

She's everybody's favorite daughter.
Farmers, turning to gray,
silently smile when she visits their table.
Whittled-down widows reminisce
about their families
and warn her, in whispered urgency
about which women to avoid
because they gossip

3. At home

she is free
locking every door behind her
she strips off the costumes
wraps herself in a bathtub
picks up a book of poetry
and dissolves

@ 1996
Daryl Hrdlicka