Hello, and welcome to my font page.

Since I got my hands on a nifty little font editor (Font Creator Program 1.2.3),
I've been having a lot of fun making up fonts. Here's the list so far..

These are "Title" fonts, which means it's the whole alphabet (a to z), but almost all uppercase, no numbers, and very little punctuation. The individual fonts vary in what's contained, though.

Please note: In almost all the cases I was working off just a few letters, so I had to guesstimate a lot. I think I did pretty well, though.

A Masonic/Rosicrucian Alphabet

Ogham (Druidic)

Celestial Script

Theban Script

Writing of the Magi

"Passing the River" Script

There are some tricky characters in this one - I've included a text file.

An original font from Thud's Cave Art!

Similar to "Mephisto"